Collect All 20 Specimens! BUG-BYTES: a mobotag installation The Ultimate Urban
a Conglomeration of Conglomerates
The Ultimate Urban Bug-Byte: a Conglomeration of Conglomerations
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What's a BUG-BYTE?

In tech-speak, having a "bug" means that a system contains an imperfection or that it hosts an undisclosed presence. Buggy code and buggy devices are the bane of human engineers and information architects, the stars of and artware, and the unsung workhorses of espionage, surveillance networks, and tactical media. But what about organic bugs? BUG-BYTES acquaints us with a radical faction of biological computer bugs: insects who live in media systems.

Who are these BUGS ...And what are they doing in New York City?

Contrary to hi-tech's pretense of impervious sterility, media corporations' down and dirty investment cycles directly impact urban habitats in ways that provide sustenance and shelter for fast-adapting insect populations. Flies, moths, fire ants, termites, and cockroaches are a few urban-dwelling BUG-BYTES who thrive in media saturation.

But that's no ordinary BUG!

Now, with ubiquitous computing and integrated product lines sending tremors through the economic landscape, conglomerates are eating each other alive in a contest of free market Darwinism. Against this onslaught of corporate mergers, acquisitions, and alliances, BUG-BYTES are mutating in strange and unusual ways. Squatting in processors and wifi signals, feasting on byproducts of telecoms and broadcast booths, BUG-BYTES are swarming corporate hotspots of media privilege like never before. 20 new specimens have been sighted at BYTE Sites throughout Manhattan! Are these mutant breeds the result of a genetic code scrambler or of recombinant corporate coupling? Inspect a BYTE Site today and decide for yourself!

I got BYTTEN! What does this hungry mutant want from my cell phone?!

BUG-BYTES should not be mistaken for a mere nuisance or for an asexual computer virus. Targeting intersections of entomological networks and media economies, they are byte-ing back against corporate inflation and media dominance.

If you got BYTTEN, don't panic. Reply with a picture message to BUG-BYTES and you can help hatch The Ultimate Urban BUG-BYTE – a Conglomeration of Conglomerates!

Need help with BUG-BYTES? Click here! Or, in the meantime, take a moment to get to know your BUG-BYTE specimens.




BUG-BYTES is a project by katherine behar for mobotag with programming by cory forsyth.
email: contact at bug-bytes dot info